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Special Investor Presentation
Today & Tomorrow

Join us for our intriguing online event and discover if MAGFAST is right for you. We'll reveal to you the products, the deep strategy and the business plan in detail.

“MAGFAST is a rare startup...

Far more than a just an amazing product family, this is a company with a solid business model that's ready to scale

   Over $640,000 pre-orders in 24-hours at test launch²

   ($1/4 million in the first 11 minutes!)²

•   Manufacturing process underway

   Outstanding retention of preorder customers

   Marketing ROI very strong

Dear Investor,

A long time ago I learned – the really hard way – that in business it doesn't really matter that our products are amazing.

We have an incredible opportunity here only if customers love what we have and we've figured out how to sell to them, with great margins, and we're ready to scale.

Well, it seems customers really, really love what we're doing.

We did a test online recently and stunningly took over $643,000 in pre-orders… in just 24 hours.

If you've already experienced our Special Investor Event you already know what I'm talking about. (If not grab a spot here for one of the times later today or tomorrow – we'll even give you one of our premium products, a gorgeous MAGFAST Wall charger as a FREE gift, just for attending.)

As you learn more, I think you'll agree that an investment in MAGFAST is worth serious consideration.

We feel very optimistic because:

– Our sophisticated 'system' strategy gives us a unique competitive advantage.

– We are ready to execute on a remarkable opportunity we've uncovered in the $20B (and rapidly growing) charger market.

MAGFAST is ready to scale... even faster with your investment now!

Thank you so much for checking out an investment in MAGFAST now.

Seymour Segnit
Founder & President


Generous Terms when you Invest Today

MAGFAST Family Pro Kit combines our most popular products in this premium perks package.

Designed as a WIN-WIN-WIN


  (1)  Gorgeous Product Family

  (2)  Monthly Payments to You

  (3)  Business Ready to Scale

Invest today and we’ll share 5% of revenue from new sales for 4 years or until you’ve doubled your money.²¹

Unlike an equity stake (shares) in an early-stage company, this means money for you every month we book revenue ... no endless waiting for shares to become valuable and liquid!

Revenue Sharing Agreement


  • 5% of new revenue shared every month
  • 1.6X, 2X & 2.1X returns²¹
  • 48 month term
  • Minimum Investment just $500
  • Awesome product 'perks' (retail value $630¹) when you
    invest just $997 or more

We’ve structured this offering to be a classy win-win for you and for MAGFAST. The capital we need today to take advantage of the foundation we've built, with a simple, generously structured ROI for you.

To learn more about how this revenue share works and why we think it's perfect for both of us, watch this video now...


All perks occur after the offering is completed.
Physical product perks will be fulfilled once manufacturing is underway and shipping begins, anticipated early 2020 for new customers.


– Gorgeous Designs –
– Rapturous Reception –
– Ready to Scale –

This story begins in a home, perhaps like yours, that always seems in need of a touch more organization.

One day, while trying to solve the problem of messy wires everywhere, Seymour Segnit came up with an idea for a new kind of charger... and his wife Amy fell in love all over again.

That first charger was extremely successful, and they shipped over 1/4 million units.³ But that project was under capitalized and couldn't support its own torrid growth.

So in January 2017 Amy & Seymour decided to take everything they'd learned and create a new business and a new kind of charger brand... and change charging for good.

MAGFAST is built from inception on a business model designed ready to scale. As you you'll see here and discover now at our Special Investor Event there are many reinforcing layers to the MAGFAST product strategy and business model.

Founder and inventor Seymour Segnit leads the team with energy, passion and a very, er, British sense of humor.

Here's why this opportunity is remarkable:

  • One of the fastest-launching product families in history
  • Excellent margins and marketing ROI
  • A global market worth over $20 billion and growing fast

Please join us, as we take the phenomenal foundation we've built and scale MAGFAST to the next level and beyond.

Everything just snaps together perfectly with the magic of magnets. Here's MAGFAST Road charging itself and MAGFAST Life together.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this concept... I am so excited to be a backer of this idea."
Suzi Glowaski

✅ Ready to scale

Market. Margins. Marketing.

It's pretty basic, but we think business starts with margins, and there are two kinds we believe in. Large percentage margin AND large dollar margin.

MAGFAST individual products are highly competitive at the premium end of the market, with great percentage margins. In many cases this means we make more profit on an item than the full retail selling price of many of the low-quality chargers on the market.

Then, to drive business we offer select audiences very attractive deals on bundles of product - typically our 'Pro Kit' - so the percentage margins are lower, but we make an average of over $200 per order.

The charger market is big. Very big.

Our global Total Addressable Market for wireless chargers and power banks is expected to reach $49 billion by 2023. It's at least $20 billion today and the wireless charger segment alone is estimated to have breakneck annual growth of 33% for the next 5 years.⁵⁺⁶

Yet, unlike most mature consumer markets, there are really no great charger brands.

This is a staggering opportunity, as we discuss at our Special Investor Event. (Please book your place here if you have not already attended).

A key element of the MAGFAST product strategy is that it offers consumers multiple points of entry... and a highly compelling reason to stay with MAGFAST:

Need a car charger? MAGFAST Road is a gorgeous, competitive offering. An everyday or super power bank? MAGFAST Life and Life Extreme have you covered. Love your Apple Watch? You'll fall in love all over again with MAGFAST Time...

And once you're part of MAGFAST Family, anything else... seems obsolete.

Special Investor Presentation

If you haven't already, please join us for our intriguing online event and discover if MAGFAST is right for you. We'll reveal to you the products, the deep strategy and the business plan in detail.

You will also get to experience first hand much of what our customers find so compelling – what drives the remarkable ROI and AOV numbers of MAGFAST LLC.²²

All MAGFAST chargers stack together easily and effortlessly. On the left, we're wirelessly charging the new iPhone X. On the right, MAGFAST Time is getting a top-up from the seatback USB supply, while charging Apple Watch and giving a boost to MAGFAST Life.

"WOW! Great work everyone! Really, love what you do for the planet, for the users, and I very very much enjoy your sense of humor. A great team."
Louise Marien
(Who evidently attends our weekly updates every Friday!)

✅ Ready to scale

Tested & Ready to Scale: Marketing ROI

One of the key metrics in any scalable business is Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA).

While things like search-engine optimization and PR are tremendous backup tools, we don’t rely on them to drive the majority of our business: the COCA for us is driven by how much we need to spend on advertising to acquire each customer.

We approach this meticulously. Ad markets change. The key is to be testing, testing, testing – we continually test new audiences and creatives to continue to develop a growing, engaged market.

The direct marketing industry considers an ad campaign a ‘go’ if they can get a 1.8-2.0 ROI (they call it MER, or Media Efficiency Ratio: an MER of 1 means spending $1 to earn $1 in order value).

With MAGFAST, we’ve set 2.8 as the minimum MER at which we will allow any kind of volume (obviously, small-scale experiments at a few hundred dollars may come in at a lower ROI - they are the failed experiments that allow us to find the combinations that pay).

Our best performing funnel achieved a 6.8 ROI/MER in testing.

This particular funnel achieved this return rate through a precise sequence, starting with a specific Facebook ad and a special offer, landing on a mobile-optimized page (the majority of visitors are on their phones) where folks register for an event. 66% give their phone number¹⁰, and we text you a reminder to show up.

They attend the event – and many convert there and then (at what we believe is about 10X the industry)... an average order value of $384.¹¹

On the left charging two power banks, a phone and an iPod... Same on the right with MAGFAST.

"MAGFAST products stand 'head and shoulders' above all other types of chargers."
T Fortunato

✅ Ready to scale

Built from the ground up to scale to massive volume. has been built from scratch in 2017 - no legacy code – in order to handle handle high volumes of traffic reliably and fast.

All pages of the site are cached on Google’s Cloud Platform which can serve millions of users simultaneously, and the event experience and checkout process (a highly customized experience for every visitor) use JavaScript to offload the bulk of the computing to the visitor’s browser: even at high transaction volumes, our servers experience modest loads.

Remember, our systems handled $1/4 million in 10 minutes on the first day …

Shipping is still some months away. Options for highly-scalable fulfillment include a combination of:

1: Ingram Micro

Ingram has a massive global supply chain and fulfillment operation. They ship iPhones on launch day.

2: FBA: Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon will ship both to Amazon and non-Amazon customers, so the same inventory can be used for all orders, a highly-attractive option.

We think cables should be history. But just in case we have neat little cables built-in to all our power banks... And they are replaceable just in case 'someone' gets overenthusiastic.

✅ Ready to scale

Pre-Order Prerequisite: Keep Folks Happy While Waiting.

Crowdfunding is notorious for levels of unhappiness. Some people place orders not really understanding it won't ship in 24 hours. 

We've been there and learned the lessons. Customer happiness levels at MAGFAST are surreal: only 14 chargebacks on over 4,000 transactions.¹² How is that even possible?

1: We correctly set expectations in the first place using video and text.

2: Weekly Updates. Like clockwork, every Friday afternoon.

Great customer support is expensive.

We know this, and so we've devoted a big slice of our time to figuring out how to keep customers happy without draining cash.

Our team has developed "Intelligent Customer Support" that allows us to keep a big-hearted personal touch while drastically cutting the time it takes to answer every support question. 

Using this approach, we can respond to all support questions within a few hours even with a very small team, and achieve happiness levels with which an experienced team with a shipping product would be thrilled.

As order volumes grow, customer support is ready to scale:

We have agreed to provide customer support through with Trusource Labs, the Austin-based company that specializes in best-of-breed customer service for premium brands.

Trusource will be able to add services we can’t offer today, like 24-hour chat in the shopping cart (expected to lift conversions an additional 10-15%¹³ at low cost, further improving our advertising ROI) and extended hours for inbound and outbound telephone customer care.

Already we've planted over 33,000 trees - that's more than all of Central Park New York! ¹⁷

MAGFAST is serious about impact.

Our goal is to make the world's greenest chargers. That will take time, so to start we're doing something simple and affordable which is making a huge impact.

For every MAGFAST product ordered, we're planting a tree. Get the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit (included as a perk when you invest just $997 or more) and we'll plant seven trees.

Each tree scrubs 40-50lbs of CO₂¹⁴ (carbon dioxide is a key greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere each year. That means your MAGFAST Pro Kit's seven trees will clean the air it takes to fill over 40 advertising blimps every year.¹⁵

And already we're at well over 33,000 trees.¹⁶ That's more than all the trees in Central Park in New York!¹⁷

We feel proud of this remarkable start. Please join us and help change charging for good.

"I have backed many projects via Kickstarter and Indigogo but have NEVER experienced the transparency that we’re seeing here with MAGFAST."
Suzi Glowaski

✅ Ready to scale

Robust Scale - 30 years Experience

If you've never been involved in manufacturing precision product at scale before, it's quite an education.

The first thing to understand is that doing this well takes time. A lot of time. Like, seriously, loads upon loads of time.

And it's expensive, too. The molds for the core MAGFAST products cost around $190,000¹⁸ and take 3 months to make. But when they are done, each tool can produce several million units.

Getting tooling right takes time... and is a critical part of building a foundation that's ready to scale.

Unlike many startups who hope customers will buy a product they thinkthey can make, MAGFAST has proven the marketability and has the manufacturing in hand.

P3 International is a well-kept secret and we’re honored to have them as our manufacturing partner. And they have a direct interest in MAGFAST’s success.

In business for 30 years, P3 has distribution in all the majors and has shipped many millions of units across hundreds of SKUs - most famously, their category king ‘Kill-a-Watt’ power monitor.

Pile up all the devices P3 has shipped and they'd reach into the upper stratosphere!

So our manufacturing is ready to scale, which is just as well because since Apple finally added wireless charging that market is expected to grow at a blistering 33% for the next few years.

Apple joined MAGFAST and the rest of the industry including Samsung, HTC, LG and all the other majors in backing the Qi wireless charging standard - the standard we support across the MAGFAST range.¹⁹

MAGFAST's manufacturing is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the very significant anticipated surge in demand for Qi chargers.

MAGFAST Wall is being developed for international outlet types G, B, F and E... for compatibility in 181 countries worldwide.

""MAGFAST Life and Life Extreme... will become THE Chargers of Choice""
Paul T F


MAGFAST is different because, unlike other chargers, every member of our family is designed to work together with all the others.

Individually, each product is designed to be best-in-class. Together, nothing else comes close.

Four ways to get charge IN. Five ways to get power OUT. Our exclusive, magical MAGFAST connection, Qi wireless charging, the awesome built-in cable... MAGFAST Family products share a stunning suite of features unmatched in the industry at any price.

Above, the $630 MAGFAST Family Pro Kit, included as your gift when you Invest $997 or more...

Invest Now (with generous of perks)
Experience our Special Investor Event and receive a $30 MAGFAST Wall charger as our thank you for attending.

PRO KIT TOTAL Retail Value: $630.00

1 MAGFAST Life   ($99)

1 MAGFAST Life Extreme   ($198)

1 MAGFAST Road   ($109)

1 MAGFAST Air   ($49)

2 MAGFAST Walls with Double-the-Power  (2 x $49)


1 Lightning Adaptor Tip   ($20)

1 USB-C Adapter Tip   ($15)

1 Micro-USB Adapter Tip   ($7)

1 Lightning Family Cable   ($20)

1 USB-C Family Cable   ($15)

3 Micro-USB Family Cables  (Standard)

New Customers Ship early 2020

Available Options:

Alpine White or
Forest Green (Limited Edition)

International Versions of Wall:

Types B E F & G

MAGFAST Life retails for $99 with a gross margin ≈ 80%.

MAGFAST Life is the amazing everyday charger you feel you want with you all the time.

Life packs all the core MAGFAST Family features: Built-in cable, LED charge indicators, Qi wireless charging...

And when you're feeling nostalgic for messy cables pop in a MicroUSB to charge it up, or get power out from the USB-A or latest USB-C outlets.

Add our our magical, magnetic MAGFAST connection and this really is a beautiful Life.

MAGFAST Life is at the heart of the $630 MAGFAST Family Pro Kit, which is included as your gift when you invest $997 or more.

Invest Now

MAGFAST Life is in final development for manufacturing. Expected to ship for new customers early 2020.

MAGFAST Life Extreme retails for $198 with a gross margin ≈ 78%. 

MAGFAST Life Extreme is a beast!

27,000mAh is enough for up to a dozen full smartphone charges. 

Plus a bunch of extra power IN  and OUT options including a 12v outlet.

If you’ve not had a high capacity power bank this feels great having LOADS of juice to spare. 

You just feel so good knowing you can be generous when others need your help.

And that you can jump... start... your... car.

MAGFAST Life Extreme is in the $630 Pro Kit, your gift when you Invest $997 or more.

Invest Now

Jumper Cables offered separately.
MAGFAST Life Extreme is in final development for manufacturing. Expected to ship for new customers early 2020.

MAGFAST Road retails for $109 with a gross margin ≈ 79%.

MAGFAST Road. A star in your car.

Like all the family MAGFAST Road has the built-in cable, and loads of ways to get power in and out. Road adds extra outlets on the end for when there’s several of you in the car.

You’ll use Road to charge your other MAGFAST products on the move.

And Road really shines with this brilliant built-in flashlight, so you're always ready on the road.

MAGFAST Road is part of the $630 Pro Kit, included when you Invest $997 or more.

MAGFAST Road is in final development for manufacturing. Expected to ship early 2020 for new customers.

MAGFAST Air retails for $49 with a gross margin ≈ 80%.

MAGFAST Air is our simple, super-flexible Qi wireless charging station for all the latest phones. 

Any of our chargers snap right on the back of Air for a super-stylish portable office - no wires!

And, of course, Air goes right on top of Wall too, ideal in your kitchen or office, or by your bed.

Flip open the neat kickstand and use MAGFAST Air as a simple stand, or plug in a cable and Qi charge all day on your desk or countertop.

MAGFAST Air. Qi wireless charging on your desktop, on your Wall, or anywhere with any MAGFAST power bank just snapped on the back!

MAGFAST Air is included in the $630 MAGFAST Family Pro Kit, your gift when you Invest $997 or more.

MAGFAST Air is in final development for manufacturing. Expected to ship early 2020 for new customers.

MAGFAST Wall comes in three versions. MAGFAST Wall Standard retails for $30 with a gross margin ≈ 63%

MAGFAST Wall SP™ with Surge Protection retails for $40 with a gross margin ≈ 73%

MAGFAST Wall SP2X™ with both Surge Protection and Double-the-Power™ retails for $49 with a gross margin ≈ 71%

MAGFAST Wall is our re-invention of this now-classic and hugely popular 'invisible outlet' design.

Interchangeable charging tips store neatly in the back, and adjust up and down with the button on the front to suit devices with a thick case, a thin case, or no case at all.

Stack 2 or 3 Walls together to make the ultimate wire-free charging superstation in your kitchen, office, bedroom or den.

Snap Air or any of our power banks right on top, or underneath with our magical, fast, MAGFAST connection.

Two upgraded MAGFAST Walls with Double-the-Power™ are included in the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit, your 'perk' when you invest $997 or more.

Invest Now

MAGFAST Adapter Tips offered separately but included in the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit

MAGFAST Wall is prototyped and in final development for manufacturing.
Type B (for US and other markets) is expected to ship for new customers early 2020. Types B, E & F are anticipated later in 2020.

MAGFAST Time retails for $129 with a gross margin ≈ 77%

We think MAGFAST Time is going to be by far the best way to charge your Apple Watch.

A neat Qi charging dock that just flips out, Time is beautiful beside your bed and wonderful on your MAGFAST Wall!

And Time should hold enough charge to keep your watch topped up for a full two week trip.

Whether or not you have Apple Watch and want MAGFAST Time, it's a great example of where we can go with MAGFAST Family.

MAGFAST Time for Apple Watch is not included in the Pro Kit, but investors will be offered a very deep discount when finalizing their package for shipment.

Invest Now

MAGFAST Time is in final development for manufacturing. Expected to ship for new customers early 2020.

And the Rest of the Team

Offering Summary









Corporate Address

1 Grandview Avenue – Cornwall on Hudson – New York – NY – 12520

Description of Business

The ingenious new family of wireless-magnetic chargers, that's changing charging for good...

Type of Security Offered

Revenue-Sharing Note
Minimum Investment Amount
(per investor) 


MAGFAST Family Pro Kit combines our most popular products in this premium perks package.


  • 5% of new revenue shared every month
  • 1.6X, 2X or 2.1X return (depending on investment amount)²¹
  • 48 month maximum term
  • Minimum Investment just $500
  • Awesome perk (retail value $630¹) when you invest just $997 or more


MAGFAST Family Pro Kit (Retail Value $630)

The MAGFAST Family Pro Kit is the suite of gorgeous wireless magnetic chargers at the heart of MAGFAST's success to date. Purchased separately at the chargers and powerbanks in the Pro Kit would cost you $630, yet are included as a gift to every investor of $997 or more. Awesome. Invest Now

All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Physical product perks will be fulfilled once manufacturing is underway and shipping begins, anticipated early 2020 for new customers.


These footnotes provide clarifications for MAGFAST's offering in its entirety.

1: $630 is the ‘when sold separately’ price of the Pro Kit. To date, is has not been offered at full retail price, only as a special offer to attendees of our special online events.

2: All time-stamped order data is stored by MAGFAST in records.

3: Amy and Seymour Segnit were previously the owners of thingCHARGER, Inc. which shipped over ¼ million units of thingCHARGERs based on that company’s records.

4: The 2014 market for chargers and power banks was a combined $14 billion with an estimated CAGR of 20%. That would place the 2017 predicted market at $24 billion

5: The combined global market for wireless chargers is expected to reach $49 billion by 2023 based on the following market analysis: “The global Wireless Charging Market is expected to reach USD 24.05 billion by the end of 2023 with 32.56% CAGR during forecast period 2017-2023.” - Market Watch “The power bank market is expected to be valued at USD 25.16 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 21.2% between 2017 and 2022” - Markets and Markets

6: “The global Wireless Charging Market is expected to reach USD 24.05 billion by the end of 2023 with 32.56% CAGR during forecast period 2017-2023.” - Market Watch

7: Based on discussions with industry experts. Every business has to choose acceptable ROI’s based on their brand, margins, and overall business costs and growth model. For illustrative purposes only.

8: Based on MAGFAST margins and cost of doing business, 2.8 return on investment is the minimum value for scalable marketing for MAGFAST at this time. Changes in cost of goods or cost of doing business will alter this calculation.

9: 6.8 ROI was calculated based on best performing Facebook audiences, creatives, and funnel measured using the revenue generated over the cost of advertising during July 2017's marketing test.

10: 66% based on July 2017 direct marketing traffic of email list subscribers vs email list subscribers with phone number.

11: Based on preorders from July 2017 direct marketing tests. Average order value calculated based on total preorder value averaged over total number of July preorders.

12: Based on 4,000 total transactions, including those with multiple payments, there have been 14 chargebacks from 10 individuals.

13: “In fact, if done correctly, adding live chat can increase online leads by an average of 40 percent.” White Paper - How to use Live Chat to Increase Conversion - Apex Chat Report

14: “A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.” NC State University Cooperative Extention

15: 48 lbs of carbon = 26.198 cu m3 . Air is 0.04% carbon. 26.198/.0004 = 65495m³ air per year/tree. Volume of a GZ-20 blimp = 5,380 m³ 65,495/5,380 = 12.17 blimps per tree. Wow! That makes 85 blimps per 7 trees, so Seymour underestimated when he first did this math!

16: Trees are planted via contribution to our partners Trees for the Future, Inc., a non-profit organization.  As of Oct 27th 2017 contributions toward tree planting result in 34,000 trees.

17: 26,000 trees in Central Park. Central Park FAQ

18: Based on tooling estimates provided by our partner, P3 International.  Final tooling costs may vary.

20: Hand-made prototypes that include incomplete functionality, animations and CAD 3D renders are used throughout our videos and web pages to illustrate MAGFAST at this pre-production stage.

21: We calculate your investment as the sum we receive after deducting the fees levied by others. Financial transactions, including investments, typically have associated fees. In this case, StartEngine deducts 6% and, if you invest using your credit card, there is a card processing fee of 4%. When we share revenue with you, banks may levy a small fee for transmitting your payment. All fees will be fully transparent and 'pass through'; in other words, we will work hard to minimize fees where we can, and we will only deduct the fees charged to us by the other institutions, not a penny more.

22: Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) have considerable flexibility in the language used to define their ownership and governance. Instead of 'members' whose engagement is defined by a 'limited liability agreement', the Company has chosen to use terminology that we believe is more readily understood; the Company's governance is thus defined by its bylaws, managing members are known as its board of directors, and members are known as stockholders. Full details are shown in our Member Agreement and Bylaws.

MAGFAST and the MAGFAST 'Smiley' logo are trademarks of MAGFAST LLC and are used under license.

Apple, Lightning and MFi are trademarks of Apple, Inc. and are used by license under Made for Apple/MFi program.

Qi is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium and is used under license.

Samsung and Galaxy S are both registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. HTC, the HTC logo, HTC One and HTC Sense are the trademarks or registered trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries of HTC Corporation and its affiliates. LG is a trademark of LG Corp.

*MAGFAST Team will be available via video conferencing. If requested onsite, all travel, lodging and expenses will be the responsibility of the recipient of the perk, and the presence of individual team members will be subject to availability.


Irregular Use of Proceeds

Included in the Working Capital total shown above are: - Salary for the principal shareholders (Seymour Segnit and Amy Rau Segnit) of approximately $75,000 ea. - Travel and Expenses of approximately $15,000.